Gwen Spinks

Artist, Dancer, Healer

The Arty Award!

Congratulations to Gwen Spinks, this years Arty Award Winner.

The community member that nominated her had this to say and we couldn’t agree more…
“Gwen is tirelessly contributing by helping other artists and serving the community by making artwork accessible to everyone. She is innovative, sensitive, caring and always does things with a smile on her face and with the kindest of intentions.
Gwen supports artists by helping them evolve ideas and projects. She helps them on a personal level and she also hosts an annual art show and sale which is providing exposure for emerging and establishes artists and is also exposing young artists to the experience of creating and selling art. She has been doing this for 6 years now.
Gwen lives a life of intention and leads by example. She’s encouraging, inspiring and a loving and lovely person and artist.”

Sponsored by the Gabriola Arts Council 

I couldn’t be more honoured! Thank you Gabriola for helping me live the dream!! This is the most supportive, creative and giving community – I get to do what I love because of my friends and chosen family – thank you to the person who wrote those wonderful words of appreciation – I am moved to tears …. thank you! 🙏🥳🥰

Gwen Spinks | Dancer

It all started in grade 10 dance class…

I’ve been dancing as often as I can since then.  From competing to teaching and travelling, dance has always been my first love.