Gwen Spinks

Artist, Dancer, Healer

Going through the layers

I will be teaching this 2 day workshop at Isle of Arts on Gabriola.

We will start both days with movement exercises using the Feldenkrais Method of Movement – these are a series of small slow movements to connect your body, brain and habits – it’s our habits (and we have thousands of them) that can cause us pain.

You’ll learn to move with less effort and increase mental awareness and creativity. It’s only when we are aware of what we are doing that we can change it.

Then the fun starts!! I will take you through the many layers of how I work – how I create stamps, use mix media and create rich textures.

Between the layers there will be time to discuss: presenting & marketing your work; because I was in sales long before I was an artist, I have a wealth of knowledge on how to market your work… and why it’s so hard.

Gwen Spinks | Dancer

It all started in grade 10 dance class…

I’ve been dancing as often as I can since then.  From competing to teaching and travelling, dance has always been my first love.