20/20 – the Art Show

February 23rd, 24th & 25th

Gabriola Arts & Heritage Centre
476 South Road, Gabriola

On-line Sales

The show will go live here at 6:30 on Friday, Feb. 23rd

details to will be added in February before the show opens.

Live at GAHC

The Show will be open to the public:
Opening Reception: Friday 6 to 8
Saturday from 10 to 4
Sunday from 11 to 3

The best time to buy is Friday night.
The best time to see the show is Saturday.

People pick up their new treasures on Sunday from 2 to 3.

20/20 is used when we talk about our vision or our hindsight!

Well, in hindsight, giving up the Stretched/Squared Art Show was like giving up part of my life.   I love this show!! I am very grateful to Ezra Miller for running with the show last year (as you can see from the photo above – it can be a challenge herding  artists!!) Ezra did a fabulous job – in fact, I’m going to adopt some of her ideas!

For those who haven’t guessed 20/20 the Art Show is just a smaller version of the Stretched/Squared Shows.

2024 Participating Artists

Stretched – Vertical

Susan Banjavich

Rob Robinson

Patrick Belanger

Kimm Nightingale

Judith Stirt

Sandra Civitarese

Cindy Verheul

Colleen Marana

Gwen Spinks

Stephen Cole

Linden Utting


Judith Madsen

Olena Gill

Katerina Gill

Lottie Anderson

Grazyna Wolski


Stretched – Horizontal

Melinda Wilde

Joke Mensink

Ezra Miller

Cindy O’Dell

Barb Hague

Vicky Bowes

Shelley Twist

Esther Robison

Nola Johnston

Jim Heeks

Pat Rokosh

Dianna Bonder

Zulis Yalte



Maxx Duncalfe

Brendalee Astells

Grant Leier

Dave Aris

Hilary Farmer

Maia Levine

Tammy Hudgeon

Grazyna Wolski

Lesley Comassar

Joan Eamer

carol weaver

Joanie Wright

Tyrrell Clarke

Catherine Hart

Frances Usher

Debra Newberry

Morag Orr-Stevens

Leaha Argue

Jacqui Parker- Snedker


Lisa Carter



Alexandra Gill (16)

Carys O’Hearn (13)

Mia MacDonald-West (12)

Emily Moore (16)

Bella Heughan (12)

Liv Boulton (10)

Charleigh Boulton (12)


For the artists

details regarding the show – the when where and how of it.



Pick up canvas

900 Colleen Road

The Stretched canvases are in!! if you are registed for a Stretched or Squared canvas, Please pick it up on Monday, Sept. 18th between 10: and noon – or call me to to make arrangements for pick up.


Send Title and Image

Tuesday January 9th

Please email me a GOOD QUALITY photo of your work. Include title & medium. I need time to both promote the show and to create hang tags.


Drop off Artwork

Friday Febuary 23rd

10am at GAHC
476 South Rd.

Call me if that is not possible.



Show Time

Friday Febuary 23rd
6-8pm at GAHC

Put your fancy duds on and come out to celebrate with us!  Sell some art, buy some art – visit with old friends and make new friends!
Join us just for the fun of it!



Pick up art or cheque

Just kidding, I e-transfer the money now; however, if your piece didn’t sell you will need to pick it up between 2-3pm on Sunday the 25th.

Thanks for playing.



You must have the correct sawtooth hanging hardware. (2 places on Gabriola carry them) for the squared and the vertical stretched please center the hardware. For the Horizontal stretched use 2 hangers each 6″ from the out side edge.