Gwen Spinks … at the MAC

the McMillan Arts Centre in Parksville 

March 5-29, 2021
McMillan Arts Centre

133 McMillan Street
Parksville, BC
Tues-Sun from 10-4
(closed Mondays)


Squared - the Art Show

at the McMillan Arts Centre, Parksville – 133 McMillan Street

After a spectacular opening on Gabriola last weekend the Squared Show moves to the MAC for the month of March. I hope you can drop in to see it. 

Artists in Squared – the Art Show

Bill Allen
Ray Appel
Leaha Argue
Dave Aris
Brendalee Astells
Patrick Belanger
Rita Blom
Sandra Bowers
Sandra Civitarese
Stephen Cole
Maxx Duncalfe
Willow Friday
Johanne Galipeau

Katerina Gill
Olena Gill
Barb Hague
April Hilland
Linda Holmes
Jeannie Johns
Nola Johnston
Dar Mace
Judith Madsen
Colleen Marana
Don McCollum
Joke Mensink
Judy Mojo

Barb Mortell
Eyan Myers
Kimm Nightingale
Jeanette Parker
Tara Qua
Esther Robison
Karen Sargent
Keely Scapens
Emily Sears
Gwen Spinks
Judith Stirt
Frances Usher


Alexandra Gill (13)
Lucy Russell (13)