Work – Available

Work – Sold

… and please visit the 3 stores my work is in if you have a chance:
the Pier Gallery at Silva Bay on Gabriola
Salish Sea Market in Bowser
and the Little Cricket Gift Gallery in Maple Ridge


Bent wood boxes, weaving, water colours, if it was an art form I tried it … then came acrylics.

I have been collecting and selling art and working with artists most of my adult life … then came acrylics.

I have called dance and desktop design my art form … then came acrylics.

I started painting in November 2011 and  I love everything about it, including the frustration of “not knowing” what to do or where the piece is going.

… I love acrylics!

… and for me supplies are only a short ferry ride away – Willow at Iron Oxidizeart does a great job with supplies and shows!!