I believe that through dance we gain a greater understanding of ourselves and how we relate to others.

It is through this understanding that we become great dancers.

The Argentine Tango is the ultimate challenge, because of the embrace, the many patterns and the music we are thrown off our axis and come face to face with our fears. … and through our fear we find a joy that is beyond our wildest dreams.

Custom Classes

If you and 6 or more of your friends want to learn anything from Tango to 2-Step – give me a call and we can set-up a time and place. It can be a one time workshop or on going lessons.

Private Lessons

I’m also available for event workshops or private lessons.  Please call me for a quote  250-247-9756.

Upcoming Dances and Workshops

Please check-out my Events page for up coming dances & workshops.


Me Dancing Over the Years

Donn Picard and I dancing on Gabriola 2000 – he was my first dance teacher and mentor

Kam and I at Dancing with the Stars Nanaimo 2008 – We Won!

Manuel Ortiz (my 2nd teacher & mentor) and I playing in Buenos Aires 2007

Jamie Collier from Port Angles and I dancing in Nanaimo 2009

Maxx Duncalfe and I at the Queer Prom in Vancouver 2019

Fun Dance Photos

Here are 6 short lessons on dance, Feldenkrais & Tango