A Fair of the Arts

Nov 21
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Gabriola Community Hall

Will run for 3 weeks:
Saturday, November 21st, 28th and December 5th
Time: 10 to 4
at the Gabriola Community Hall – 2200 South Road
Entry fee: $2 or more at the door – it will be divided between PHC, the Community Hall & the Kindergarten group – we will gather all the money over the 3 weeks and divide it equally between the 3 groups.

Only 15 artisans inside. Each week there will be different artisans/vendors, each with their own unique creations

We jumped through a lot of hoops to to make this happen and we want it to be fun and SAFE!!

Strict Covid19 protocols will be in place:

– give your name at the door  – one bubble goes in at a time (max.: 4 people per bubble)
– masks will be mandatory in the hall
– if you want to touch something – you must hand sanitize at every booth
– you can go through as many times as you like; however, you can only walk forward
no back tracking to a vendor – you must go around and give your name again.

How it’s going to work: if you are concerned for the safety of our Island please read below for the full details of how Covid19 protocols will be implimented

  • There will only be 15 vendors in the Community hall each week – all very well spaced – all facing the same direction
  • There will be an entry fee of $2 at the door – these moneys will go to local organizations that have not been able to fund raise this year: PHC, the Community Hall & the Kindergarten group.
  • Guests will be asked to wear masks (it’s mandatory to go into the building)
  • We will have a volunteer gather your groups name (no more than 4 in a group) and call it out when it’s your turn to go in. (This way you won’t have to wait in line – you can visit the outdoor vendors)
  • Before you go inside, we will get your name and email addresses in case we need to contact you
  • Once inside you will go from vendor to vendor – always traveling in the same direction – if you want to go back to a vendor you’ve passed,  you must go through to the end and around
  • We have extended the hours so everyone will have time to look at each vendor’s creations (10 to 4)
  • Even though you sanitized your hands at the door each vendor may ask you to sanitize again if you want to touch something.
  • We will be admitting bubbles of up to 4 people at a time – once you round the first corner we will let in the next group.
  • We will have volunteers helping maintain flow
  • We will have 2 warming stations outside – there will also be food vendors outside – this is where you can socialize. There will be extra tents if it’s raining.

Artisans for Saturday November 21st:

Barb Ballantyne – Lavender
Daryl – dog coolies
Laura Handford – jewellery
Illuminati Glassworks
MarchLight -wood/art cards
Roy Maynard – wood
Patricia Rokosh – pottery
Lynn Macdonald  – art cards/felting
D’Dance Glass
Kimm & Joke – Pa-Ta-Ti

Kenny’s Thai food
Designs by Maxx
Brendalee Astells – jewellery

Artisans for Saturday November 28th:

François Bosman – knives/wood
Vicky Bowes – art prints & orginals
Catherine Hart – stained glass
Leaha Argue – art
Brendalee Astells – jewellery
Cindy – fused glass
Gai Campbell – baked goods – needs table
Megan – resin
Linda Keatley – Celtic knitting
Sandra C. – ceramics
Margo – Penacea Herbs – creams




Artisans for Saturday December 5th:

Olena Gill jams & vegies
Tannie Meyer – leggings
OMG Leather needs table
Richard Billey – wood
Jim Henigman – sheepskin
Lorna Potts – enamel jewellery & fused glass



or more information please contact:
Brendalee Astells 250-802-8084
Maxx Duncalfe 250-327-8500 or
Gwen Spinks 250-247-9756

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