Feb 25 - Feb 27
7:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Stretched – the Art Show… with a twist

What stretches us?
work, family … “fun”
our passion – really, anything
outside our comfort zone
– our normal –
come & see how these brave
artists stretched themselves
with this fun challenge.

the challenge:
they will be working on either
a 12 inch round panel
or a 6×36 inch canvas

78 canvases – 67 artists
including 4 artists under 16 years old – see list below

all the canvases will sell for the same
price: $275/youth $85

Location: GAHC – 476 South Road, Gabriola
Dates: February 25th, 26th & 27th 2022
Times: Friday 7-9:pm – the show will go live on-line Friday at at 8:30pm
we will also be taking telephone sales starting at 8:30pm 250-668-2166 (this is my cell – do not call my home number – I will not be there)
Saturday 10- 4:00 and Sunday 11- 3:00

2016 – Go! Shaw TV – the segment on the Stretch Show is at 5:40 minutes

we have every kind of medium this year: including fabric, metal, blown glass, mosaic, acrylic, water colour, oil, pa-ta-ti, encaustic, mixed media & more … it’s going to be a spectacular show!!!

On the Friday (Feb. 25th), I will be adding a link on my website on the “ART” page  so you can see the whole show – if you can’t make it in person!

the Artists in the 2022 Show  in alphabetical order
Bill Allen
Ray Appel
Leaha Argue
Dave Aris
Brendalee Astells
Susan Banjavich
Nixie Barton
Patrick Belanger
Dan Bergeron
Rita Blom
Elsa Bluethner
Vicky Bowes
Rhonda Bruce
Lisa Carter
Sandra Civitarese
Tyrrell Clarke
Stephen Cole
Maxx Duncalfe
Hilary Farmer
Willow Friday
Mary Jo Fulmer
Marilyn Geater
Katerina Gill
Olena Gill
Lindsay Godfrey
Ellyn Gresham
Shannon Gresham
Tony Grove
Barb Hague
Catherine Hart
Tammy Hudgeon
Linda Holmes
Susan Hudson
Mark Huisman
Caroline James
Mary Jane Jessen
Jeannie Johns
Janet Johnson
Nola Johnston
Grant Leier
Judith Madsen
Colleen Marana
Don McCollum
Joke Mensink
Barb Mortell
Claire Muir
Eyan Myers
Erin Moonsister
Morag Orr-Stevens
Jeanette Parker
Tara Qua
Rob Robinson
Esther Robison
Gwen Spinks
Judith Stirt
Frances Usher
Cindy Verhuel
carol weaver
Grazyna Wolski
Joanie Wright
Zulis Yatle

the Kids:  (I have the ages I believe they will be at the time of the show)
Alexandra Gill (age 14)
Makena Godfrey (age 6)
Paige Hilland (age 7)
Piper Hilland (age 11)