September 2019 Dance Classes

if you’re interested in lessons in Nanaimo or on Gabriola please email me:
wannadance at
We can set up the time, day and  dance – this works for private lessons or small groups
You name the time, the day and the dance and I will find a suitable location.
cost: $70 an hour for up to 6 people for more than 6 people it’s $70 plus $10 a per person over. (so, if there were 7 people it would cost $80)

Gabriola Women’s Dance
shoesAll Women Welcome!!|
join us!! we have a lot of fun just dancing our buns off!
Date: Saturday, October 5thth
Location: Gabriola Community Hall2200 South Road
Time: 7:00 to 10:30 Dance
Tickets: sliding scale $10 – $15 at the door
includes line-dance lesson by Kimm 7:00 to 7:30
Music: everything from top 40 to Disco!!… and yes, there is always at least 1 tango!!wine and beer available for sale (and yes, in real glasses)… and for off-islanders the last ferry back to Nanaimo leaves at 10:30
Or call me if you would like to be billeted.  250-247-9756

No Scents Please – personally, there are some people I have to avoid dancing with because their products give me headaches (and no, it’s not just women!) –  perfumes themselves are usually not a problem; they are made with natural oils … however, perfumed products; such as hair & deodorants, are made with chemicals and makes breathing hard for some. and dryer sheets are the worst for me!!