the 5 Minute Dance Challenge

The 5 minute Dance Challenge!!

ok! For any of you who have been in any of my classes you have heard me say “5 minutes a day in front of a mirror with a piece of music!” a 1000 times!
Well, I want you to prove that it works and once and for all break the myth that you need a partner to practice with!
Are YOU up for it??
the 5 minute dance challenge to any and all dancers!
I challenge you to practice 5 minutes a day for 3 weeks – if at the end of the 3 weeks you do not see or feel a difference in your dancing I will give you a Gift Certificate for a free private dance lesson (value $65) – this is on the honour system – only you will know if you practiced!

  • get into a routine: pick a time to practice every day
  • watch YouTube dance videos
  • visualize yourself dancing like your favourite dancer
  • use a wall, kitchen (or bathroom) sink as an aid
  • split the time up 3 minutes in the morning 2 at night or 5 – 1 minute practices – whatever works for you
  • no partner required!! but you might want a friend to video you – so you have before & after footage.

I have included some ideas on video if you have trouble starting


West Coast Swing – Lead’s Basic

West Coast Swing – Lead’s Left Side Pass

West Coast Swing – Follow’s Basic

Argentine Tango – for Leads

Argentine Tango – for Follows